IMG_20130726_074253One thing I loved about growing up was having cousins, growing up as an only child it was the closest to siblings I had. And my cousins and I are still close to this day. When Mom and Dad got divorced, Mom made sure to keep contact with Dad’s sister (my aunt) as that is where the cousins were – and I am eternally grateful for that.

Last night the boys and I went to my sister for dinner and that meant that the cousins got to play – they all get on so well, I absolutely love watching (and hearing) them play together. Four boys lost in a world of imaginative play – it gets loud! They have imaginations that are out of this world and transformed into many characters as the night went on. In these photos, they paused, if only for a moment, so we could capture a memory of ‘The World’s Greatest Thieves’ – HaaHaa. Notice that they each have a weapon and something on display. Stitch, the dog, was part of the plan too, apparently.IMG_20130726_074138

My only wish is that they will be the greatest of friends forever.  That they will treasure the bond that they have and stand by each other no matter what. I love that Sean, my nephew, gets so excited to see my boys, and that my boys share the same excitement about seeing their cousin. On our drive home, Dylan and Grant decided that they need to live with Sean because his house is so much fun, and he has the coolest toys :). Jason, my love child, is happy to be with his mother… at least I know he will stand by me no matter what, lol.

What a blessing cousins are!


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  1. Patricia says:

    Aww, such sweeties! You are right, cousins rock. We have actually just discovered ( make that BEEN discovered ) by cousins we never knew about. ( Goes waaay back, when having a child our of wedlock was hidden). Three of us met three of them and it is so cool!!

  2. settoncrew says:

    That is so exciting Patricia – I hope that you’ll all form a lovely bond and grow the cousin circle :)

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