I’m so excited!!!

The ever so gorgeous and bright Bailey Schneider over at Vanilla Blonde runs a series called “I can’t live without” on her blog. I think know I am one of her biggest fans (or is it stalker, haha). I have always been drawn to her positive outlook on life, her constant smile and of course, her laugh. I blogged about meeting Bailey over here – I can still remember that high I felt, it was great!

So I submitted my “I can’t live without” to Bailey probably about a month ago and I kinda forgot about it.. until today, that is. Today I am over-the-moon with happiness as I am featured on Vanilla Blonde, you can read it here. YAY! Did I mention that I am excited? Well, I am.

Thank you Bailey, for the feature and the inspiration that you are. Continue to shine your light as bright as you always have. I wish you enough x

And just in case you don’t actually click on the link, here is my “I can’t live without”

I can't live without


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Megs H says:

    Hi Candice, I just discovered your blog via Vanilla Blonde Blog where you submitted your “I can’t live without” list! I just LOVE the collage you made for it…very pretty! Will start reading your blog daily now that I have found it :) Much love xxxx

  2. settoncrew says:

    Hi Megs – thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Do you have a blog too? x

  3. Paula Kaye says:

    I am so excited for you. And I was way way excited to see my blog header on your fabulous collage. Thanks for that shout out. You rock!

  4. settoncrew says:

    Thanks Paula :) I know I don’t always comment on your blog, but I do read it ever single day :)

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