Barn Dance Fun

On Friday I went to my very first barn dance and it was so much fun! It was a fundraiser at my cousin’s Church. The boys came with and then my aunt, the very brave women, ended up taking seven children home (ages from 9 months – 7 years) so us adults could dance the night away and not have to worry about them.

I went with Michelle, Greg, Lorryn, Gary, Sue, Edwin and myself. Andre and Christa were also there. Thankfully I have been to a few of my cousins events, like baby showers, baby blessings, etc., so there were a few familiar faces. Although, even if there were none I still would have had a great time. Edwin even taught me to sokkie and some move called The Koeksister, I would love to tell you how it went, but I simply cannot remember, haha. Terrible I know. In fact, he had to remind me each time. And, perhaps here is a good place to add this in, there is something so sexy about a man who leads with power and confidence on the dance floor **blush** or maybe it is just a strong man  in general that attracts my attention.

I learnt that while some of the dances were easy, I suck at line dancing – it was too many moves too fast… although I did try anyway. I got a great workout while I danced, laughed and had a generally fun and awesome night. Afterwards we went back to Michelle and Greg’s and had hot chocolate while the kids watched a DVD. We eventually got home just before the stroke of midnight, I was able to collapse into bed with a smile on my face and a new-found love for dancing. I have always loved to dance, even if I have two left feet at times.

Have you ever been to a barn dance?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. John 10:10 almost says “I have come that they might have life, and have it in a barn dance.”

    Or it might have been abundance.

  2. Kerryan Andrews says:

    I love how you love to have fun!

  3. adventures says:

    The best part about dancing is that no matter how you look while doing it, it lifts your heart :-) I’m glad you got to go “out” for a bit :-)

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