Today is *only* Day Six

Today marks day six of ‘21 Days to Beat Depression‘. For the first couple of days I was doing the reading (there is scripture, declaration and prayer that goes into each day) and thankful lists in the evening before I went to sleep but I found that the mornings work better as I get to have quiet time with God and feel amped to face the day with joy in my heart. I am really trusting for total healing and so far, so very good. I believe that, “I can do all things through him (Christ) who gives me strength” as it says in Philippians 4:13 (NIV). Jesus is my centre, He is my source, my joy, my everything. And as that comes to life with each passing day I can feel the depression lifting – it is incredible. Praise God.

I have the tendency to be quite impatient – I like instant gratification, so it has been a challenge for me to do this thing one day at a time… I have been tempted to peek ahead and work through more than one day at a time. But then I hear this little voice, “Just be patient child, good things come to those who obey” and by doing this one day at a time I believe that true restoration will take place. It is testing me but I am glad to report that I have no idea what tomorrow holds as I really am sticking to only looking at one day at a time. Obedience comes in many forms I guess.

I wasn’t sure that I actually would update as I went along but I am so excited at the change that I feel already I simply could not help myself.

I feel this extreme joy and excitement. Ultimately it is because I am getting closer to God, building an intimate relationship with Him. I need to nurture this relationship,  joy and excitement. I want to stay on this high forever. There are also a few external factors that certainly contribute but I am learning that while they contribute they are not my ultimate supplier of joy – that comes from my creator. External factors include: a friend that got amazing news regarding his cancer – I am litterally over the moon for him – you know who you are :). And I went on a date on Friday (it was organised by my cousin)… and last night we chatted and date two and three (with the same person) are lined up already. I won’t say too much on the subject just yet, let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring. I will say this… he is a believer, he does road races, and he is a chef by trade. I mean really now? Great qualities right there.

Finding the joy. One day at a time.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. adventures says:

    I am happy for you! :-) Our God is an awesome God!

  2. Lisa says:

    This is beautiful! Congrats!

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