Saying Goodbye

Last night at cell group we had a braai. There were two reasons for this, 1) Cell group closes for the whole of August and 2) A farewell. One of the amazing couples, Ilse and Marty, are moving to Cape Town. They also have two children, Tamsyn and Luke.

Saying goodbye can be so hard at times. Somehow I have a deep peace about this goodbye though – I feel that they are making the best decision ever right now, and they have trusted (and listened) to God throughout their journey to this decision. Although my heart did break a little and the tears did stream when their little boy, Luke, started crying because he has to leave – bless his soft and gentle heart.

People have this assumption in life that gifts have to cost money and I was reminded last night that sometimes the best gift we can give is the time that we put into it. Let me explain. Ilse carefully planned out and wrote a little note to each of us in the group which she shared with all of us and then she sent each of us home with a lovely hand written note. I was so touched – what a kind and thoughtful thing to do. My letter contained words of encouragement and I enjoyed seeing myself through her eyes – sometimes I wish we could do that more… see what others see in us. Because we don’t always recognise those qualities in ourselves until someone points them out.

I will certainly miss the Pretorious Family. God bless each of you as you embark on this new chapter.


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