Eight Months Today

On this day eight months ago you took your last breath and went home to be with Jesus. Born into Heaven on 26 December 2012. It feels like just the other day and yet it feels like a life time ago. I cannot comprehend the pain that your immediate family (Mom, Dad and Sean) feel precious boy, because my heart aches and misses you so much.


I miss your smile, your faith, your laugh, your intelligence and your sporting knowledge. I miss everything about you. I have so many memories that I can smile upon, but this pain I feel that you are gone, it hurts like mad. My boys talk about you all the time – they miss you too. I know that you are safe with Jesus and that we will all see you again but this earthly pain, it is unreal. I miss sitting at your bed side each week – although I preferred when you were up and out of bed – but I lived for those visits. Even when you were quiet, I loved watching you. You were just an amazing little boy with a heart that had Jesus lodged so deep inside it. I don’t know if you know this, but you played a part in my salvation. Your faith through your illness made me want what you had. You thanked Jesus for another day and prayed for others when you were at your lowest low, that is faith and that is hope in the Father.

My favourite times were when you were awake and we played with string or clay, the ever bouncy clay – I will treasure those moments. The moments that you smiled and you had a twinkle in your eyes. I am honoured that you allowed me to be n your space at that time Greg, because I know it wasn’t an easy journey. I am grateful that I had the time with you and the little conversations that we had – I want to write them down and treasure them forever. Your amazing sense of humour comes to mind and how you would roll your eyes when I offered to give you three more brothers – I can see it now, that look, that grin – then the, no ways, one is enough. I remember when you used to stick your leg out the bed to touch the floor and the one night when your Mom and I wanted to turn your mattress around – you moved right over to the other side of the bed – it was a moment that has stuck with me, to me it displayed this inner strength that can only come from Jesus.

Oh Greg, Gorgeous Greg. I miss you so much. I promise to honour your memory forever my nephew.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia says:

    No words, just….{hugs}!

  2. settoncrew says:

    Thanks Patricia x

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