Revelation about Gloworms

I am going to be brutally honest here about my feelings and the revelation that I had from God…

A while back at Church they were desperate for Gloworms (Kids Ministry) Teachers and they asked me if I would mind helping – they also said that they were asking all parents with kids in Gloworms to help – so I agreed, with a heavy heart, a very heavy heart. First mistake right there. I love kids and in my heart of hearts I know that I am not done having kids of my own but there is something about 25-30 kids under the age of six that is quite daunting and well, not really for me… or so I thought. 

So I did my first duty and it was a nightmare. I never enjoyed one single second. I left exhausted and in a mood. I left with resentment in my heart. Woe always me attitude. Yet, they asked me again. And I agreed. Everything deserves a second chance, right?

Queue 10 November 2013 – second Gloworms duty. That morning I was lying in the bath filled with resentment at having to help with all these kids. I mean I have to deal with my three 24/7 on my own and now I have to give up my time for other people’s children – I was actually behaving like a selfish brat… just short of throwing a tantrum. I am not proud to admit these feelings but I also know that I am human, as long as I learn from them, I think that it is ok. It was then that God spoke to me, loud and clear. This was my message from Him, ‘You have a choice. You can either go into the class with a heavy heart and a bad attitude or you can go in with a serving heart and a good attitude. Remember your choices are teaching your children to act the same.WOW! Revelation right there. Thank you Father that you are so real. Thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me how to walk in your Kingdom and bring you Glory.

Well, I made the choice to go in with a serving heart and a good attitude, and you know what? It was FABULOUS! I left feeling great. I loved every second of shaping kids into all God has for them. I loved their enthusiasm about learning. I loved their little questions and how different each child is. I loved loving them – as my Father loves me. Here are some pictures of free play time, aren’t they precious?

Gloworms 10 Nov 2013


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  1. How cute! I feel you though, I’m not really cut out for 25-30 kids all around me :( But it must be rewarding watching them learn!

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