And then life happened…

A lot has happened since I last blogged… and a part of me misses it so much but I just don’t find the time with no internet connection at home.

I have changed jobs – after five years at the same place. I prayed hard for a new job as I felt a little stuck. Then I had an interview in December and they said that the job was mine. I prayed hard about it and just felt that God had something better… and then I got despondent because I am human and want instant gratification, you know. Then February came around and I got a call asking if I would be interested in a job with my Church – my head was SCREAMING YESSSSSSSS, but I calmly said, ‘I would love to meet with you and see what it would be about.’ Then I put the phone down and ran around like a mad women screaming from pure joy. Trying not to get my hopes up at the same time but trusting in Him. I had three interviews before they confirmed employment. I prayed about it, hard, and had God’s complete peace so I accepted. I have officially been working here since 1 April 2014 and I absolutely LOVE every single second of it! My boys have changed since I work slightly less hours and half day on a Monday – what a blessing.

The boys have changed schools – and they are thriving. I moved them closer to home so they only go to aftercare twice a week when my helper is at my mom’s house. What a difference it makes for them to be home three times a week. I am so proud of the way that they embraced the change. They have settled right in even though they started half way through the new schools second term. They have made friends too which really helps. Dylan brought home the most amazing report and his teacher is thrilled with him. Jason & Grant only get their reports next term but they seem to be enjoying it and learning a whole lot.

Shayne has started seeing the boys and building a father/son relationship with them. It is slow and it is hard but I know that they – my boys – need this. So I embrace each visit and encourage it.

Slowly but surely life is coming together. Life as a grown up. I feel like I have grown a lot in the past two years.

I actually said to my mom yesterday that since I have made peace with the past and who I am – I am remembering so many things that I have been closing off. Things from my childhood – happy memories that I had supressed because I was so uncomfortable with who I was. I am loving the memories that are flowing.

Hopefully I can find some time to update here once in a while. Get my mind clear – although it hasn’t been too cloudy of late!


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