When days are grumpy

So they say what you focus on expands – so much truth in it. And yet today I cannot hide from my grumpy-ness. I am trying to focus on anything else but it keeps popping its ugly head. And it is one of those days where every single thing is just annoying me, because of said grumpy-ness!

My friend, Pogo-Colarine, is writing a novella and after reading it – part of it, since it is still in process, I really feel like I wish I had a secret tree ledge and headphones – so I could shut out reality for a little while and just be, in silence – well at least silence from the world, or should it be silence from my mind?

I cannot wait to go home and just bath, put pj’s on and vegetate a little. Hopefully the heartbeats agree to this, because that’s what I really need. And I need my Mommy. No matter how old I get there is something about a mother that just provides so much comfort.

Short and sweet from the grump.

I guess tomorrow is another day and we are all allowed to have grumpy days, right?


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