Grace & Mercy

“There may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning” – a line from one of my many favourite worship songs. That same song speaks of new mercies every day and it hit me that while some days are really hard, I wake up to a new day today and there is new mercy, new grace and a chance to make things right, or at least make my attitude right. We are all allowed bad days, I am human, imperfect but perfect in His eyes.

Yesterday I lost my temper – it happens less these days but it still happens. I know it isn’t the solution but sometimes I just get pushed over the edge you know – and sadly it is those closest to me that experience the wrath of my temper. Most people think I am joking about my temper because I am a relatively easy going and calm person. I realise that each day God’s grace and mercy is fresh, new and never-ending for me. I realise that I need to extend that same grace and mercy to those around me. It is hard sometimes, and mostly hard to do in terms of those closest to me. But I am learning and growing with each passing day and for that I am grateful.

Last night turned out to be a really great night even though most of my day was grumpy. I was determined to get an early night as I couldn’t think of anything more appealing than climbing into bed with my Bible, Kindle, chocolate and orange juice.

I got the boys fed by 17:30 – bonus of working slightly less hours, I get home early enough for that to happen. Then we watched a DVD together, Rex the Rock that Rolled… it was a really cute movie. By the time it was done they were ready for bed and it was only 19:30 – BONUS! The heartbeats were falling into my plan just perfectly.

At last I was able to escape in the Word, draw comfort and peace from My Father. I love that He is there always. I can’t imagine living in the days before Christ came, and while Christ was on earth. I needed an escape so badly last night.

And then today I woke up with a clean slate and a happy heart. A new day to try again. To walk into all He has called me into. To bring Him glory. To grow His Kingdom. What an honour and a privilege to serve this mighty, powerful and all-knowing God.


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