Writing a book

So on Saturday I went out without my kids, sometimes it is exactly what one needs. While out I was telling my cousin a story – I made up a scenario of my kids at home with her husband, they had tied him up and were holding him hostage – and then apologised for my over active imagination and her comment was, ‘maybe you should write a book’. Wouldn’t be the first time I have been told this.

I so wish I had the time and the right words to get that together. To make a story flow correctly. To piece together parts of my overactive imagination. To write a book!

I won’t lie, I have tried several times. And I have a few chapters stored somewhere. Maybe I need to start with non-fiction before my life? Maybe that is it. I am not even a writer and I have writers block – the irony. Sometimes I wish there was some sort of machine that you could hook up to your brain and while you’re thinking these amazing things it just spews it out onto paper for you… Now that would be ideal. Just imagine – you take a lunch break and while sitting in the sun you hook up to this machine and BAM! by the end of lunch you have Chapter One – because my mind is a super busy place and I can spew randomness out at pretty rapid rates! Most people perceive me to be this quiet, shy person – which I am on first meeting. But once I get to know people that is far beyond what I am. I am this person that never keeps quiet actually – and then I wonder where Grant gets it from? I am this person with many crazy ideas circulating in my head and those around me are sometimes the ‘victims’ of my mindless banter.

I guess ya’ll that read my blog get a taste of that banter since I often ramble my mind out here.

If there is anyone reading this that has written a book, perhaps you could offer some guidelines? I remember seeing a programme that helps you keep track of characters, chapters, order of events, etc. I think I would totally need something like that at the rate my mind spews out ides – HaaHaa!

Have a marvellous Monday, filled with random awesomeness!


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