THAT is what I want

Let me paint the picture:

There were two families from opposite ends of the world – their lives collided and intertwined before they really knew what was happening. Two daughters in the one family, two sons in the other. It was a God-incidence that fact.

Son Two was a really great cook but the Uncle of said daughters thought he was the best cook. So, Son Two was making something on the fire and Uncle of said daughters was arguing that this was wrong and that was wrong and the flames were too small, etc… suddenly he lost his temper and pushed Son Two, who lost his footing and landed face first onto the hot coals.

Now, Mother of Son Two was watching this play out, in slow motion, from the window of another room. When she saw Son Two fall onto the hot coals she came running – as any mother would. She opened her mouth, yelling ‘Y… YOU… YOOUU’ looking at Uncle of said daughters – who had fallen hopelessly in love with Son One and Son Two respectively.

And then the most amazing thing happened. Mother of the Sons stopped herself right there, closed her eyes and started praying. When she opened them again, she looked at Uncle of said daughters and said, ‘It is ok, you made a mistake, it happens.’

Now, this is the THAT which I want: She tapped into Jesus in the heat of a moment. A moment where according to human nature, she had every right to flip out at this man that had just pushed her son onto hot coals, singing his eye brows off and blistering him instantly. But instead, she paused, she prayed and she forgave – right there and then. WOW! I want THAT so badly!

I want to be able to access the grace, mercy, forgiveness that Jesus has for me and display those same characteristics to those around me. Especially those closest to me. I want to learn to manage my temper just that little bit more, to stop, pause, pray and forgive. Without question and with the heart of Jesus – not in my strength but in His.

Just imagine a world where people tapped into THAT – WOW!


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