Fantastical Friday

Today I leave for Leaders & Potential Leaders Weekend with my Church and I am beyond excited! I just know that we are going to have the most amazing and fruitful time together.

With time away, there is always preparation that comes beforehand. Yesterday I was labelling a whole bunch of things with our Church’s name. As I wrote it over and over – probably close to 100 items – I just kept thanking God that this is my reality right now. He has opened this amazing door for me and I am ever so grateful that each day I get to wake up and come to a job that I absolutely love. I get to be surrounded by people that lift me up each day. I get to take new ground for His Kingdom. What an honour and a privilege to work in this environment surround by amazing people.

I kept reflecting on my life and I can’t help but marvel at how things have changed since I came to Christ. Filled with such thankfulness and gratitude.

If someone had come to me three years ago and said, ‘In 2012 you’ll give your life to Christ and by 2014 you’ll be working for a Church.’ Truth is I probably would have laughed at them and told them to leave me alone. It wasn’t that I frowned upon believers I was just under the impression that this life wasn’t for me. I had such a warped perception of what it meant to be a believer. I had such a warped perception of who God is.

And yet God loved me anyway. Yet His people seeked to save me. Yet people prayed for me. Yet He never gave up. Yet He loved me anyway. Such an incredible thing that!

I leave you with this song. As it blasted this morning, it just hit home… I am redeemed! Thank you Jesus!


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