A is for… And

And just like that the atmosphere changed. No one knew what was going on and no one could be prepared for what we were about to experience.

What started out as an ordinary games night between friends was about to become something that not one of them would ever forget.

Sometimes we make forever friends. The six of us were just that. Although we were twelve now with all of us having got married. We went to school together, right through from Pre-School to Varsity. While it isn’t the norm we stayed close knit from the start and share a bond that has carried into adult life too… Each of us married and partners that just fitted into the circle so well, never competing but rather completing. We are truly blessed, the original six plus six… Terrific Twelve as known by most people in our small country town.

We made a point of having time for one another. Through the good and the bad we stood by without question. We travelled together, vacationed together and even went into our own little business together. Well, little doesn’t quite describe it right now but that’s how it started out. One thing was clear to each of us, we were doing life together. Forever.

Anyway, I digress. There we were enjoying a night of games, catch up and chatter when suddenly it happened. I looked around the room and it was clear, from facial expressions and the dead silence, that not one of us knew what was going on.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Intrigue from start to finish!
    Writer In Transit

  2. Sounds like a cool group. It’s so wonderful to have friends like that.
    Susan Says

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