B is for… Before

So I am a little behind because I kinda sorts forgot I had signed up for this, teehee! But I shall persevere and catch up :) hopefully that is allowed!

Before we got chance to chat about what was going on there was a knock at the door. At first I thought I had imagined it. Common sense screamed DO NOT OPEN but, of course, curiosity got the better of all of us as we huddled in one big group, armed with all sorts of ‘weapons’ we could find in close proximity.

I could feel it coming. Brewing up deep inside of me. Maybe it was the nerves and anticipation for what we would find on the other side of the door but there was no way I could stop the severe case of giggles that began. And as it goes with lifetime friends, this sparked an eruption all round. The more we tried to stop, the more we giggled and the funnier it became. The quieter we tried to be, the louder we became. It was one of those moments where your stomach pains and your eyes pour tears of happiness down your face.

By the time we composed ourselves, well most of us anyway, whoever had knocked was long gone. Now that I look back, maybe this spontaneous outburst was actually a form of protection?

We couldn’t help but wonder what was going on? Who would possibly be knocking? Was this person the cause of the atmosphere change? Or someone who was trying to hide from the cause? Only time would tell… but one thing was clear right now – our imaginations were running wild. We discussed all sorts of possibilities.


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