New Tradition

On 1 April 2011 I did a blog entry about Nineteen Years of Friendship and on 1 May 2011 my post was For My Kooksie and so began the tradition of the First of every month being dedicated to my bestie in the whole wide world.

This month was a tie-breaker in the Pinch n Punch department. You see, that’s what makes our friendship special. Sometimes a tie-breaker is needed, Kooks was ready to surrender the win and *secretly* so was I. You truly are the best thing that ever happened to me my Kooksie Pooksie Pudding & Pie.

I did blog about the videos that the boys made for you, but you know what I am going to mention it again. I so loved doing it, and here is why. Since you cannot be here to watch my boys grow, I love being able to share them with you. For them to recognise you (even if it is as Aunty Pome) and for them to know how special you are to me. I love that you can be in their life even though you are on the other side of the world.

I love our endless banter that can go on for hours. I love technology due to the constant contact that I can have with you…. just on the other side of a BBM, means so much to have you so close and yet so far. You are a treasure, one that I intend to hang onto for life. One that has been there for me in my darkest hour and shared the many joys of my life, our life and the lives of those that have come and gone.

Cheers to you x I love you now and forever x


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  1. shannhermie says:

    It’s all about give and take, which we seem to have mastered in our 19 years of friendship!

    I love you too and how we can be there for each other at any time – good, bad, funny, sad… whatever life decides to throw at us, I know you will be there for me as I am here for you, always and forever :)

    Talking about videos… I was thinking about making some of myself and sending them to you. That way you can all get to see (and hear) a bit of me too. And maybe, change my name back to Aunty Shann ;) xxx x

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